Sneak Peek: All The Things I Never Said

Here’s a sneak peek of All The Things I Never Said, available May 15, 2018. Note that sample is copyrighted.

This entry is entitled, So This Is Heartbreak.

So this is heartbreak?

Two empty bottles of wine,


and popcorn strewn across my living room floor.

So this is heartbreak?

Resisting the urge to confirm if you’ve moved on

Or miss me

Or feel half of what I feel.


So this is heartbreak?

Waiting for my phone to ring and your face to pop up on my screen

For you to say maybe you were wrong and that we can make this work.

Hoping against all hope that you’ll just say you’re sorry.


So this is how heartbreak feels?

Waiting for you
Watching for you


Longing for you

with a pain that makes my teeth ache

and my head spin,

with a vice around my heart that threatens to tighten with each breath.


Is this what heartbreak feels like?

Thinking I had it all but now knowing it was all a lie?


All The Things I Never Said, available 5/15/18.

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